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“Kids … they just break my heart!

If you think you life as adult is tough, try to be in a child’s shoes, living the puberty changes, some they can control and others no, the beard, the voice, the belly, the hair, the period, the height, weight, the looks, height, weight… try facing the bully, the my friend or no friends, the pain, the tears…


Were you ever bullied, were you ever the bully, or were you the bystander?

Each breaks my heart, the victim for understanding that being bullied is not their fault, they just happened to be at the place the wrong time; the bully for energizing on the pain they cause others, and being able to continue their life despite that; & last, the bystander who feels they have the right to watch silently, turning the blind eye on, and sealing their ears from hearing others’ pain snd scream for help!”

#MOI I sometimes wonder which one of the three will end up an emotional timed bomb in their community?!

I invite you to read MOMMY, I AM A PACER! alone first then with your child. Remember how you once felt, how your child feels now, and then pass them the 5 short stories, let them express their feelings following Abigail’s footsteps in being change agents in their community, and ambassadors of peace for the next generations!

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