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‘Let us Invest in Love!
Let us discuss love openly, let us not be shy, let us not hide from reality…
You love her, tell her
You love her, show her
You love her, make her feel special
You love her, kiss her
You love her, let her feel it
You love her, hug her, say it with actions, fix her favorite coffee, attend her favorite romantic movie, surprise her with a flower
Do it for her…
& remind her of the first day you met, why you loved her, the first kiss, and the first bite of the apple!

Invest in love, invest in your relation, invest in your home…
Make every day feel like the first day…
As for us women, life is a two way street, we need to ensure the was back, we hold the magic wand, we hold the key to success, the right word at the right time… I know there are times where the street is a one way only, but let us try to dig a hole, big enough to invest in love before we bury life itself!”
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