Best Recipes

LLLLI will start with the most important recipe of all… Happiness Recipe!
The most important ingredient is Self.

  • Have your happiness centered around you, and treat yourself the way you like to be treated.
  • Accept criticism but remember that other’s criticism is the way they perceive you not the way  you truly are.
  • Prioritize your needs, and live to meet your own standards.
  • Pay it forward, because it will put your mind at ease.
  • Involve yourself, don’t wait for others to drag you along.
  • Name your likes and dislikes, instead of expecting others to guess.
  • Enjoy every moment, it is your right, and they will never come again.
  • Speak up, because others prefer your silence.
  • Save yourself to those who appreciate you, but I guess you will never know till you try!

at the end, add a dash of LOVE,
stir in a teaspoon of LAUGHTER,
and bake it with a load of PASSION.

where is my angel?