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“About my evenings… I sit, alone, and wonder, will I always be alone?!

A tough question, mostly we fear asking, but the truth is, we are wondering… sometimes we are alone, a solo, and other times, we are lonely among a crowd!”

#MOI Admitting the facts to self is the first step towards cracking the egg shell… Are you ready? Are you alone? Or are you lonely?




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“You: My day will be better with you around!

Them: Smile with wonder

You: I mean it

Them: Smile with satisfaction”

#MOI Start your day by sharing this statement with someone special, boost their day, & feel good about yourself

Teachers of life Life.com


About children and bullying


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“Sometimes you build friendships and other times you make friends…

Between the tear and the laugh a rollercoaster of emotions!”

#MOI Let them know they are not alone and ensure they know how other kids feel

There is a solution…

PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center (NBPC)

Stop Bullying: Speak Up


About ANGER…


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“About ANGER…

They say she is rude, mistaking it with being emotional

They say she argues, mistaking it with holding on to her thoughts

They say she is loud, mistaking it for wanting to be heard

They say a lot of things, but they forget to ask why…

Remember to listen and not only hear

Remember to understand and not only accept her words

Many times her emotions take over, you need to enjoy she still cares enough to argue, fear her silence not her attitude!”

#MOI The woman who was silent for a long while


About chocolate and friends


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“Always remember those who TRULY love you…

Always handle with care those who TRULY appreciate you…

Always keep by your side those who don’t let go of you…”

#MOI have many but sticking to few, friends, are like a bouquet of flowers… and some are like chocolate, no matter how good, they still melt in the heat 🤣🤣🤣🤣




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“There is a moment we all fear… the one when we reach ground zero!

No fear

Nothing to lose

& instead of feeling weak, we are charged with immense strength where all we can see, is a new day!”

#MOI Don’t cross the bridge with the burden of the past, but never forget the reason behind the moment

Action for Happiness Live the Moment NoFeAR


Yesterday, a child told me…


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“Yesterday, a child told me, I prefer to eat alone in class!

I looked at the child and said, how about you join me on a picnic in the school small grass area, as I, myself, would like some quiet time during break.

I did not ask why, I thought he will eventually speak up when comfortable…

I did not ask what do you have for lunch, thinking what if that was the reason behind wanting to be alone…

I did not force any other students to join, I was sure, once they see us, they will join…

We got artistic material and went to the grass area, others started crawling once they saw us, out of curiosity…

I opened a blanket on the grass, where I put some snacks on, then asked the students whether they like to join in by placing their own…

& we started putting together paper kites…

Before the end of the break, all children had eaten, and all were part of the kite group, playing, laughing, and talking to each other…”

#MOI we all have a role, actions speak louder than words, I acted and not investigated, empathy is the secret, try to understand!




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“Let me share with you a secret…

Patience has a limit

Silence has a limit

& … has a limit!

A smart person should know when to stop testing others”

#MOI & if I were to draw this specific situation, I would draw a smile 😃