About that woman…


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“About that woman…
She smiles, she rocks, she is beautiful, she is mature, she is successful, nothing ever stopped her…
But, did anyone wonder what pushed that lady to reach that far, and/or where she is right now? did anyone ever wonder why she is seeking an extrovert approach to life?
Well, it is tough and good. It is good for someone to find success and boost her energy through her surrounding, yet, there is a question mark on what and who feeds her inner soul when she is alone; and is anyone holding her hand to sleep, reassuring her of security?!

About that woman, is she weak? or is she strong? at what point in life did the hole start growing deeper, and the gap getting wider?
Did anyone ever notice her silence, hear her words?
Did anyone ever listen to her, or shut her up?
Did anyone ever offer a shoulder for her to rest her head to sleep, or did they pull the pillow away?
Did anyone ever notice her, or they ensured covering her deep under?
& last, did anyone applause her moments?!

About that woman, she is me, you, her, and her… stand for yourself, and be assured that I am here standing for you… 
Share with no shame…
Speak up with no fear…
& Shine!”
#MOI the woman made of struggles and shines

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Save your child…


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“Save your child from being a bully because forever and ever he/she will live in regret, pain, and shame.

Yes bullies hurt others but bullies must be clinically treated for being able to hurt others cold blooded and move on with their life.

What makes an innocent child develop into a bully…

Endless questions.

Save your child, and every other child from your child!

Say NO to bullying!”

#MOI no bullying, no hurt, no pain


About my birthday


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“It is relative to the way we see things, live them, and whether, at the end, we are expecting the truth or the reality…

It’s been quite a ride, & I know my journey is not setting sunset!

Happy? Yes with unpleasant moments I learned to overcome…

Messy? That’s when I learned to enjoy serenity…

Final statement… I feel blessed & simply because life is worth every breath!”

#MOI Going on, moving forward, no intentions to step back or aside…

Actually, I feel I am just starting! Cheers to better days



About @Bella…


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“About #Bella…
Bella was the first child born to her parents, Bella added a smile to her dad’s face and in return, he promised her security and happiness.
Bella grew older and, year after year, she was glowing and working on herself to meet her and her dad’s expectations.
Bella was successful, but at times, she faced difficulties, like any other young girl. Her dad, as promised, stood by her. except for one day,  she met a guy, and sadly, this guy abused her physically and verbally.
Bella shied away from dad and friends, fearing to be judged, and accused. what she did not know, is that such cases are not to be solved alone, and additionally, she is not at fault of such behavior.
I will end the story here, although much remaining to be discussed.
The lesson, Bella could be any one of us, and how many Bellas are out there struggling alone!
Dear Bella, speak up, and reach out, your dad will not judge you, and hopefully, he will fulfill his promise; as for friends, they will understand that only sick people allow themselves to abuse others.
You are not alone…”
#MOI the woman that will understand… Bella, #speak_up



wake up world


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“Wake up world! and remember the first day you met your spouse, and the first time you held your child!
Words spoken cannot be retrieved, and actions taken cannot be forgotten;
Do you really want to hurt those you chose as lifetime partners or those you raised day after day!
Do you really want your spouse to wonder about the partner they connected with?
Do you really want your child to wonder about you as a parent, whether you know what parental love is?
Being a spouse is a commitment, and being a parent is a blessing… once the relationship is broken, deceived, or vanished, trust me, coming back is a long way back!”
#MOI a kind reminder…


Today I choose HAPPINESS


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“Today, I choose happiness!

Knowing it is a choice, a decision, and a conviction, before it is a status and a state of mind, but, let us be honest with each other and not undermine personal situations, some are sinking in a black hole and assume there is no way out, respect to those struggling;

yes, there is a way, and eventually, each will find a way and reach it.

Seek a friend, a comfort zone, and those with silver aura… reach out and speak up!

#MOI & Speak-Up World 🙏😍

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“Heart and Mind…

A scientific person will use his brain to understand and store data…

A religious person will use his mind and soul to believe…

An arrogant person will use his mind to win conflicts and his heart to hold grudges…

Only caring and sensitive ones get hurt and eventually argue to resolve issues… but beware the day they stop shedding tears…”

#MOI Keep talking and arguing… it might be the only sign of care!

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“Sometimes it’s the sound of the waves, other times it’s the glass wine… basically it’s the everlasting memory that makes every moment counts!”

#MOI #cheers to memories that make you smile

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“There are words we regret and actions we cannot take back…

Let’s assume we decide to ignore both, can we really trust again?

Well, in war, there are only enemies… but in peace, there is no place for war!”

#MOI I rest my case, bring the pieces to peace!

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