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“New way of thinking… feel it, you will see it; believe it, you will live it!
Because I believe, as we attract what we fear, we are definitely going to attract what we want!
Complicated? no, if you train your mind to see prosperity, your body will open up to embrace positiveness!
Try sitting in a room and film your facial reactions… think about fear, your facial muscles will retract, think about beauty, walking in a green field, sitting by a fireplace with a glass of wine, with the love of life… your facial muscles will relax and that is when people see happiness on your face and wonder about what is making you happy and giving you that comfort!
Try it, believe it, live it… do you remember the statements, don’t be negative you will attract it, or when people say about a third party they have a black aura… this has to do with the unseen of the person, and how their presence affect their surroundings.
In summary, stay positive, believe that you have the power to attract what you want, and start living a new life!”

#MOI I am only human, but my mind got me here!

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