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“I found myself this Holiday stretched between two extremes of emotions, extreme love & that is me, and extreme hatred, and definitely not me!
I am a giving person, I love unconditionally, I give abundantly, and I promote peace naturally.
I believe that love can revive a dead soul as mentioned in my book WHERE IS MY ANGEL?, I see giving as a changing step in the life of others around me, and I see that promoting peace shall eventually change the world, and twist people’s reaction, and eventually, their actions.
I believe in communication skills, the root of my short stories book for children MOMMY, I AM A PACER!, I believe that any conflict could be solved when communicated, when discussed, with empathy, and rationalism, but mainly discussed and not ignored.
But, I am sad, feeling this anger, and hatred, no, it is affecting my performance, nor my loving character, or my giving nature, or my peaceful nature, yet it is affecting my emotional status towards those who played an unfair role towards me!
Why suddenly, no it was not sudden, I believe it has been a dormant feeling, that laid deep down, not dealt with or faced, I see myself having this feeling as I decided lately to express my grandeur(with all modesty) to myself, not selling myself cheap, in my eyes before others, as I believe, of myself, and see myself, as a successful achiever, full stop.
When you know who you are, your potential, your true self, and admit it to yourself, you place yourself in a zero tolerance attitude towards mistreatment and belittlement.
Why this anger and hatred though? If I know the facts, and all the strategies, that is what is bothering me, towards specific people?
Well, I know, it is untreated emotions, I will not affect the person whom I am towards others, and will not jeopardize my nature, but yet, it brings tears to my broken heart towards a phase I need to mentalize!
Now that I shared it with you, I hope you probably understand me, I try to empathize with those who wronged me, but will it ever mend my broken heart? In the past, I forgave those mentioned, but why not now?
Dear God, I pray you help me manage my feelings, by replacing anger with peace to my heart, and hatred with love towards others, as I dislike my thoughts and feelings!”
#MOI apologies for my sincerity