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“He wasn’t just a little boy, that boy in the class. I watched him grow and witnessed him struggle, but, I stood there watching!

It is the story, the story of bullying, not only written words in a book, or scenes taking place in a movie…. bullying is the reality our children live on a daily basis.

Observe your children’s behavior, the changes in pattern, in dress code, their eating habits, the playing routine, their friendship… bullies will not admit their actions, victims shall not confirm the pain, and bystanders will live with regret!

The bullying disease that took over for generations, will not stop overnight… where does your child fall, under which category? Can you encourage them to speak up?
You may be able to protect them periodically, but the change should happen from within!

The rule of “you are my friend. or will have no friend!” is the statement that we need to push our children to stop using…
The statement of “you cannot attend my birthday” when a whole class is invited except few, is in the hand of adults to set the tone to their children by saying, you either invite the class or only a few, and remember the birthday is a memory for our children to enjoy and not to tease the left outs…
The sarcastic attitude that intimidates a child and humiliates them is forbidden, our child might be outspoken, beautiful, with high skills in academics or physical activities, but the other children have special abilities as well…

Let us help our children take pride in self for what they have and do, but be humble enough to praise others for their achievements and help them reach their potential.
Call it teamwork, call it integrity, honesty, loyalty, respect, responsibility, humility, empathy, compassion, agility, perseverance, humility, fairness… I call it, help them become a PACER!

Mommy, I am A PACER! is a book of 5 short stories for parents and children. The book targets the incidents children survive on a daily basis, and help them, through co-illustration with the author, solve them and freely discuss them when they see the main character Abigail go through the same incidents.

Life is not a book, but at times knowing that someone knows how we feel will help us acknowledge, express, and deal with our own feelings. Hope you get to have your own
and help your child change and be the change in his/her community following ABIGAIL’s footsteps.”

Author of
Where is My Angel? Book by #MOI and Read about my longing to live again

Mommy I am a PACER! Book by #MOI because I believe that children are the future, the change…

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