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“Sometimes I wish someone would understand, said the teenager!

It is the only true statement that is not declared, simply because when they become teenagers, their ego grows faster that their body or mind.

The struggle to exist, becomes a main concern among friends when one of them leads and decides which one belongs to the clan…

The smart ones shies away, because they are bullied for their academic achievements…

The popular ones, whether boys or girls, take over the sweets ones, and erase their existence…

The outspoken ones, intimidate the genuine ones…

The ones with long hair, clear skin, aligned body, and no glasses, attract the muscled boys…

The loud ones, the tall ones, the ….

Let me tell you how I see it, a perfect jungle, and the winner is, no it it not the one that was blessed with what they believe

is perfection of the physical appearance or loud voice.

While those are busy brushing their hair, whether boys or girls, the others are learning to deal with rejection, and mastering the skills of survival. Although the teen age years are crucial to existence, and for some it is a matter of life and/or no life, but believe me, at times, those days are what makes those kids the masters of tomorrow

Can someone help, yes, children, parents and educators! Parents by raising a child with strong character, and educators by being invisible mediators since most crimes take place at schools; as for the children themselves, I say two things: life is not a contest with size, popularity, hair and skin color, etc… life is contest of righteousness and sometimes silence is the winner, it is about the skills that would last you a lifetime, and one of them is perseverance, it is about respect of self and others, it is about endorsing in others what we see in self, and believing in others’ potential and cheering for their success, it is about teamwork, being genuine, defending the weak, and speaking up for the voiceless, accepting others, understanding them, it is about empathy, it is about learning to solve conflicts peacefully and not being bystanders… this is life!


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