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“A Saturday like no other…
Well, a time of my life like no other, I woke up to an empty house!
Exactly last Saturday, I realised the change.
I don’t remember whether I shared with you in the past bits and pieces about my personal life, other than in my book WHERE IS MY ANGEL?, but let me brief you, I am a DW, no, not a car, but a Divorced Women, as my status. I don’t know why, I prefer to use single, I guess, there is something in the back of my mind poking me “Failed to Succeed my marriage”, and therefore I prefer to use the single and avoid to use divorced. Please, before you raise the red flag and judge me, I wrote my opinion about this specific point in my book, and since we are not discussing this issue now, all I will say, I prefer divorce a mill times on an unhealthy relationship.
What bothers me I guess, and that is the reason why I capitalised only the F and S, and not the word marriage, I believe my marriage ended in a major failure and I hate not to succeed.
Anyways, I am a DW and I have 2 beautiful daughters that are today almost 27+ and 25+.
My eldest, Vanessa, is currently a doctor in her almost last year of specialisation. Vanessa was born independent, I always treated her with the “handle with care” way in terms of her opinion and decisions, because she has always been a person of her own, and preferred the I in the team, you know what I mean, at this stage she lives alone and has her own life.
As for the youngest, Tiffany, a very sweet creature, an artist, the into fashion, luxury, and adventures.

As we are talking now, Tiffany just embarked on a new adventure like a week ago. Not the first time, Actually few years back she left for her Master’s degree in Europe, my life was a mess, then she came back, we stayed together for a couple of years, and now here we go again… but why this time is different?
Well, since Monday, I have been waking up at night, and for a split of a second denying her absence, or in the morning with the intention to check on her as sleeping before I go to work. I guess, deep in my heart, I know this it it!
I always wanted her to have this life, going corporate, and growing in business. I always wanted her to realise her true strength, and take charge of her life, I always feared, for both, life wouldn’t be perfect in terms of personal partnership as it had for me, therefore, I wanted them to be professionally/financially independent so they do not have to expect financial stability coming from others, I always wanted both to be strong on the market, and lean in the relation, as in the master in the business, and the soft part in the relation.
Well, I guess, I got what I always wanted, and it is time for the ostrich to get its head out of the sand; it is time I stop being emotionally dependent on my daughter/s and move on with my own interest in life.
I know, at one point in life, cutting the cord might seem difficult, but in reality, it is time to give both my daughters my blessings to enjoy their life, as for me, a new journey, I do realise change is difficult, but it is time…”
#MOI Cheers to courage, to faith, dear daughter, I know you will success!

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