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“I’m writing this post W2W, and only for women to read (as for men, feel free to peek, and surprise you lady with one of the below, as long as you can come back here, and tell us openly how she felt) funny? let’s have fun!

1. Good morning, my lady, queen of my heart!
2. Did I ever tell you how I admire the way you handle me?!
3. (Kiss her on the naked shoulder, and say) I just a flashback to the first time I saw you, how I wondered whether I can reach your heart!
4. (Give her an apple, bitten) We shared an apple but gained the tree (Wink)
5. (Bring breakfast in bed and …) I put together this movie of us, moments in pictures we spent together and words you said that made the man I am today… Let’s spend the morning in bed!
6. (Have a new dress hung on the closet with a note on your pillow) I will pick you up at 11:00 am, kids are taken care of, let us celebrate Women’s Day together
7. (The flower trick, wrist corsage) A unique flower on the wrist of the lady that will make my day different every morning, I love you in the morning…
and every minute of the day
8. (Bring her a mini item of something you promised her) I will always fulfil my dream, this house is the first step towards the bigger one
9. (Speak up in public) On this day, I want the word to know, I am lucky to have you in my life. Honey, you changed my life and I cannot imagine my days without you
10. (Squeeze her truly and spend with her a day of actions not words, literally, mime the actions, start with a kiss, a squeeze on the back, direct her to the shower, have a dress hung for her, show her which lipstick you prefer, show her the day, take her to dinner, express your love, let her guess what you are saying, discuss memories, and so on…)

Ladies, W2W, which one of us does not like to be loved, and feel special, and be reminded of our value when we sink in our daily chores and tasks.
I, personally, missed romance, and time made me look so strong, while on the inside, I could fall for the smallest acts. I reached a point of No-Trust, unfortunately, now when someone says the smallest word, and or act…, sad, I tent to disbelieve them; Yet, I know, and I am convinced that there is someone out there for everyone, whether, men or women, they are both worried and concerned about the trust issue, as pain, sometimes, it seals but never heals…

Gentlemen, make this day special, and let us give our relationship, whatever the status is, a renewal pass!

Happy International Women’s Day #IWD2020, let us celebrate this day, as romance should not disappear if we are calling for an equal world!”
#MOI Cheers to the woman inside each one of us, and to the man that cherishes our role!

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