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“Those who touch our heart…
Today was very special, I don’t if I ever told you, I used to work in a school, those among you who read my book would know, I was the director of the middle school, and generation after generation, I watched those kids grow physically, emotionally, mentally, I watched them overcome personal issues, those they bring from home and explode them on other kids, and other issues they develop due to facing others’. 
Bullying was at the heart of the middle school, name it, it was there, physical, sarcasm, belittling others, isolation, on social media, in messages, among friends, you are my friend or will have no friends, and the list is still at the beginning.
I always felt that in the circle of the bullying crime, you have to cure the bully before the bystander and before the victim, since in my opinion, I viewed pain crawling out of him/her to feed their anger and dilemma; the bystanders represent a higher number among the crowd, they need time to build enough character to stand for themselves and others; and last the victims, although bullying hurts, but when surrounded by the right people, they will eventually heal their wounds, once they understand that bullies act out of weakness and pain rather than themselves being weak and wrong!
I used to call bullying the vicious circle… it is a long story.

Anyways, among the many I witness grow, there was this one child, who really had it bad! I and many around me worked very hard to help, unfortunately, he had to leave the school, and go struggle abroad, between his split parents. His departure broke my heart, I knew, at times we can only help a little, but as well I knew, that at least we were his serene community! 
Days went by, and his news was only fading away, but he was always on my mind, and I always wondered whether he was able to find himself in the harsh world that he was born in.

I learned at least one lesson per day during school days, except this child taught me many!
Today, as I was in a coffee shop, trying to rest, this gentleman approached me, and said, Miss Badiaa, I am, I didn’t let him finish, I recognized him on the spot, I hugged him, and tears shed… he did succeed after a long struggle, he made it, and I thanked God for crossing his path with mine to put my mind at ease!

Dear parents, readers, and educators, 
parents, try to keep your conflicts away from your children,
readers, this school was and still is among the best in the world, no we were not exclusive with bullying issues if you don’t know, every child goes through that cycle,
and educators, always remember that your role is far beyond the book!”

To this child, id you ever get across this article, as I told you this afternoon, I am so proud of you!”
#MOI the Author of Mommy I am a PACER! inspired by my days at school, when I was privileged to learn from those children and serve them to reach better days!