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nothing breaks one’s happiness but heartbreaks inside the comfort of your home!

It is so true, when people say, the happiness of a person expands when we have children, we become like hawks watching over them grow and like mother gorillas protecting them… we build a nest with high fence hoping it won’t be invaded by strangers but human nature beat all expectations, and like the flow of any stream, they will go through life with tears and giggles!
Their giggles puts us at ease but their tears breaks our heart, and sadly, at times we cannot stand in between.
We raise them to be solid, but we cannot the flow of the days is stronger!
We push them to spread their wings, but we forget they need to lose some feathers to grow stronger and spread wider!
We wipe their tears, forgetting that those tears will make them learn about life!
We protect them but they need to learn to stand alone, while reassuring them that they have nest to come back to!
We, we, we, but they are children of this world, and life has to take its course!

Dear fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters, remember that any tear can be picked up, but remember that the tear you cause to your child can scar them for eternity!