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“Connecting with People…The Truth About You!
When adults connect with each other, they always try to find common grounds.
When children connect with each other, they directly move forward to togetherness.

What makes children change, what makes them grow into the details of status, ethnicity, race, religion…
What or who wakes the demon in angels, if you believe as I do, that children are all born angels, and life situations
works its course to change them.

The way I see it, it is very normal for children to start changing. Sometimes it is the community that includes parents, and other times it is the curiosity to explore who they are, but they change, they get affected by direct and indirect treatment that in return, will make them change and change the way they deal with others!

Sad? Very! but…

As parents, perfection does not exist, and truly, I wish parenthood came with a handbook. & since characteristics filters from one generations to another, so does emotional pain. If you think you outgrow abuse of any kind or lack of attention by parents, trust me, you may pretend you do, but deep inside, it is there.
If you think you can outgrow bullying and mistreatment, trust after years of clinical therapy, you will learn to understand, and deal with emotions, but pain, and the memory of pain, cannot be erased.
If you think that as a victim of abuse, bullying, and mistreatment, try thinking about the bully, and how they will take the remorse feeling to the grave.
& if you thing that a bystander minded his business, regret will haunt them, and it will be a life challenge for them to get over the fact of not getting involved to stand in the way of preventing or supporting the victim…

However you turn the triangle of bully, victim, bystander, it will always have three angles; and however you try breaking the pain, it is a vicious circle that will keep on rolling, until this one person stand early on in time, and breaks it.

So, people, let’s work on a better future, by caring for the little minds. Children should not pay the price of our past and pain. We, as adult, are the tie breaker, when we ensure we do not inherit our children the flaws we lived, and we secure they see flaws and know how to deal with them.

Can we? yes!”
#MOI Let us start building a generation of peace, and arm our children with humanity!

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