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“Born to be mature, that was her story. It started at birth with the loss of her mother. A newborn baby girl asked her first question, where is my angel?

The baby started growing facing different struggles with every phase. The difficulties were not limited to her needs, only, but expanded to questions about her surroundings.
With time, she learned to stand alone. She learned about the importance of a smile, she learned about the steps towards happiness, she learned about true friendship, she learned about inner-peace, she learned about what makes a family, and additionally, she learned to differentiate between fate and destiny. Fate came with her birth, but she knew that destiny was in her own hands.

The first years of life are the pillars on which humans build their upcoming unknown future. They represent the most important years of life. It truly did; this baby girl grasped survival skills during childhood, maturity during adolescence, and spent the upcoming years mastering the game of others.

Was she able to meet her goals? Well, she never settled for less than success, and every step of her life was a proud step. She never had time to plan, as she believed that time spent on planning is taken away from the actual time needed for development.

As for faith, she always believed in God, yet, she sat waiting for God to answer the many questions she had, why she lost her mother, sister, who were the ghosts, and many others… while she felt blessed all along.

On a family level, despite the broken hearts she tried to mend, family was and still is a main part of her life, but she discovered after a while that not all families are alike, sometimes odd is nicer than the norm.

She believed that children are the essence of life, therefore, her two daughters were the fuel of her life. They kept her going, encouraged her to survive, and made of her the woman, and mother she is. They were her focus, and they gave her energy day in and day out.

She believed in equality, and probably, that is what pushed her to shine.
She believed that women are smart to steer the toughest situations, and consequently, never accepted to sit in the back seat.
She believed in the power of passion, and through passion, she was driven.
She believed in the power of the universe, and through positivity, she closed her eyes and brought the universe down to her.
& last, if she did it, you can, and you will.

The world is a beautiful place, because she saw it this way, and made it a world of her own. Money could never buy happiness, but happiness could be bought with a penny.

Dear reader, I never found my angel, because my angel was never lost. I just realized with time, that those who love us truly, never leave us. Stay strong, walk tall, smile and believe in yourself, as I believe in you.”

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