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“Looking at my life this 1st day of 2019, I told myself what a blessing!

I don’t know how far back I want to go in time to start assessing or comparing which is something I prefer not doing, but truly, any time zone will do!

I will pick a phase that was precious to me, yet not the easiest, but was the most enjoyable… kids!

Well, since I have 2 daughters and I love girls, I believe that was a reward by itself.

Being concerned every step of the way since pre to post, and reaching this day, I believe that was a grace.

And today, when I look at my life, I tell myself, who would have known that #MOI, the little girl, born years ago, would be here today.

Ok, life is beautiful, but as well a rollercoaster of events that will make you change attitude, get out of character, and face incidents in an unpleasant manner.

Basically, when you become in charge of other people, you create fighting and protecting technics that will change you unconsciously. For example, use your imagination, I prefer not writing what I think, but I tell you one thing, you have Karma & myself to worry about if you step in the wrong direction 😃😃😃😃

& last… stay positive, enjoy and build on the beautiful parts of your life as you will need all energy possible to handle the rest”

#MOI The World through my Life!

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