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Well, it’s a great question, and let’s cut to the chase, I am not discussing parental love; I am talking about the love between husband and wife, between partners; I am talking about one specific point, love!
What is love, and do we look at love differently as we grow older? 
Does love grow between two people as they grow older?
Would our love remain the same, would we look at each other seemingly after being together for a while?
I look at people around me, at times I feel jealous when seeing older couples holding hands, and other times I wonder whether I ever knew true love.
All I know, I have a lot to offer, all I recall, I failed to keep the flame of love lit; what ever happened, where is my missing link, I know it is a mutual failure, I cannot blame on one side… but I know, I know what happened!”
#MOI read and find yourself between the lines of my story, WHERE IS MY ANGEL? and remember it takes two to rescue a relationship but it takes true love to revive a dead soul!

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