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“Is your child ready for school?
Believe it or not, this is an anxious phase for every child; and getting our children ready is by far more difficult than we believe.
I agree with the statement saying <<kids need to outgrow their difficulties>> but let me remind you of the adult first day of work… not a piece of cake!
Between the outfit, hairstyle, physical changes for those returning to school, the academic abilities, the physical and language challenges, the friendships, the new comers fit in concerns, puberty changes… children, whether we like to admit it or not, would have to face the my friends or no friends, the loud and outspoken, the bullies, the memories and past experience, and would have to find a way to prove themselves.
Sadly, this is school, and not all are equipped, whether parents, children, and/or educators, to help properly.
I included children in the help part, as I believe that children play a major role in the comfort of others in their community, they can make it or break it!
Advise, and would like to hear your stories, do not ignore any withdrawal symptoms you sense, this could be the beginning of a series of emotional, physical, and academic improvement.
Yes, our child could be the victim, bully, or sadly a bystander!
As every member of any community, this member must be equipped with values that enable him/her to be the change in their community, to make a change without fear, to be a leader and an ambassador of peace.
I believe that change will start with one person, it is contagious, but the support mechanism is evidential to move it forward.

Dear colleagues in the process, join me to make this world a better place for our children, state your opinion, share a story, share your experience, and feel free to get the help of Abigail, the main character in MOMMY, I AM A PACER!.”
#MOI The future, our children are part of it!

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