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“NY2018 Reflection…
Because at one point in life you look around you and notice, that even though you feel you are still struggling, but the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place to create a magical picture!
Indeed, I start the year by thanking God for the Strength he blessed me with to keep on going, with the Love he instilled in my heart that overcomes all negativity and hatred, and last I thank God for the beautiful souls he surrounded me with that steer my life without them knowing (few of them I just called and/or told)…
From #MOI to you all, may this year bring 2018 special moments that last forever and make your heart smile; remember the golden rule of life and happiness, even though backgrounds stay still, keep on moving with your life, break the routine, and change, the clock keeps on ticking, be happy!”
#MOI Cheers!
Happy New Year 2018 نكت 2018 Love Quotes

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