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“A mask, a drink, and a crowd… exactly how the evening started!
It is not unusual for people to hide behind a mask, at times they are not comfortable with who they are, and other times they need a mask to speak for them…
Let me tell you, to the man behind the mask, your true self is worth being revealed, and I believe in goodness being born with each of us, no matter what you achieved in the past… start a fresh page, and revive the good inside you!
As for the drink, there are times when we drink for a laugh, and other times when we drink to cope with situations, well, in fact, I tell you one thing, whatever you do, drink for a memory not a memorial! find a way out, seek a trustful refuge, find yourself in a drink and don’t lose yourself in a bottle!
& Last, the crowd, alone at last, a common controversial statement, no one wants to be alone, and no one is alone among a crowd, but as well, if the right people are not around, or if surrounded by the wrong people, yes, alone at last, is the right statement, when in a crowd… one advice, don’t fall in the trap of loneliness, it is always beautiful to be surrounded by people!
#MOI Cheers, and to 2018

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