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“Well, Well, Well!
Achievements completed: Dance, achieved; Diet, lost 18 kilos, still 10 to go; those where the 2 main ones for 2017, as for 2018:
*Find a publisher for my ready to publish book (OPEN FOR RECOMMENDATIONS)
*Lose the next 10 kilos
*Launch a Podcast (Awaiting your opinion for the launching)
*Start an investment
*Boost my Blog (Appreciate your feedback on the current one)
*Remain motivated & inspirational
*Complete the writing of the book in progress
*A private goal 😉
I wish myself a successful and creative journey!”
#MOI, the proud single mother of 2, the author, and the successful hard working woman, with all modesty!

Author of
Where is My Angel? Book by #MOI and Read about my successful journey

Mommy I am a PACER! Book by #MOI because I believe that children are the future, the change…

Both available:

Amazon: amazon.com link to both books

Through the publishers:

Novum Publishing: Where is My Angel?

Dorrance Publishers: Mommy I Am a PACER!


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