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“Racism is the conflict between what eyes see and mind describes.
Colors are not the offending words, it is rather the way we think and see things…
White, I see it as peace, goodness!
Black, to me is the shadow that is most loyal to us and the only one that never let go of us!
Yellow, I see it as hope, energy, clarity!
So next time you want to discuss “color”, try using characterizing thoughts instead, because at the end, we are all good, loyal, and hope for a better world for us and our children!
#MOI, my nationality is WORLDese, & care about all HUMANians citizens sharing this world with me…

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Mommy I am a PACER! Book by #MOI because I believe that children are the future, the change…
Where is My Angel? Book by #MOI and Read about the way I see things

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