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“The statement that says and summaries a lot in life…
<<<Only those who believe shall see the light>>>
To me it means:
Courage, as if you believe in self you will dare to conquer
Strong willing, as if you are determined to reach your goal you will cross every hurdle
Connection with self, as when you can see self and willing to reveal it to yourself before others, and connect spiritually with self and those around you, you will get to reach through others and see the best part I believe in: all humans are born innocents!

Going back to my main statement, yes, close your eyes, float your soul to see and believe, in self and others.
Have enough Faith to see with your eyes closed, and enough Belief to Touch and Hold the Light in your Hands”
#MOI Guided by Faith, & Held by HIS Almighty!

Author of
*Where is My Angel?
Book by #MOI and Read about the role of Faith in my life

*Mommy, I am a PACER!
Book by #MOI because I believe that children are the future, the change…

Both available:Amazon: amazon.com link to both books Through the publishers:
Novum Publishing: Where is My Angel?
Dorrance Publishers: Mommy I Am a PACER!

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