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“In my world, people are happy…
They have time for themselves
They like their neighbors
They clean their own streets
They sort and recycle
They plant trees everywhere
They take walks in nature
They have time for the family
They listen to others
They visit each other
They care for self and others
They take care of the seniors in the community
They benefit from the senior’s experience
They eat healthily & exercise
They raise perfect kids
They live with respect towards self and others
No that is not my world, that is the perfect word & world…

In my world…
People lost track of time, family, and friends
People lost focus on priorities
People are good-hearted but they are in a rush
People became the slave of life and continuity!
That is my world…

In common, they all share my world
In reality, we all dream of a perfect world!
Stay safe, hold on to your priorities
We just learned the best lesson in life, TIME IS PRECIOUS!”
#MOI & when time is all I have!
Dear friends, let’s make this day the milestone of a better tomorrow!

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*Where is My Angel?
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*Mommy, I am a PACER!
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