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“About that woman…
She smiles, she rocks, she is beautiful, she is mature, she is successful, nothing ever stopped her…
But, did anyone wonder what pushed that lady to reach that far, and/or where she is right now? did anyone ever wonder why she is seeking an extrovert approach to life?
Well, it is tough and good. It is good for someone to find success and boost her energy through her surrounding, yet, there is a question mark on what and who feeds her inner soul when she is alone; and is anyone holding her hand to sleep, reassuring her of security?!

About that woman, is she weak? or is she strong? at what point in life did the hole start growing deeper, and the gap getting wider?
Did anyone ever notice her silence, hear her words?
Did anyone ever listen to her, or shut her up?
Did anyone ever offer a shoulder for her to rest her head to sleep, or did they pull the pillow away?
Did anyone ever notice her, or they ensured covering her deep under?
& last, did anyone applause her moments?!

About that woman, she is me, you, her, and her… stand for yourself, and be assured that I am here standing for you… 
Share with no shame…
Speak up with no fear…
& Shine!”
#MOI the woman made of struggles and shines

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