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“How to reset… your life!
Well, it is Sunday morning, and a good day of the week to launch new thoughts.
If anyone tells you it is easy, actually it is not;
but if anyone says you cannot do it, or you cannot do it alone, actually you can!

The difference between sinking and rising is a very thin line, it is called WILL.

Have a peek at Chapter 6 from Where is My Angel?

…With a smile I used to start my busy days, forcing myself to move on, and reminding myself that I am a self-healer. I kept on sinking. Soon after, I found a message, showing me the path of forgetfulness. The message came in a bottle, I used to start reading it at the end of the day, but sadly never view its bottom. The person who was conquering the new journey with fierceness, started falling apart and behind and that person was me. My outside was glowing and shining, while my inside was deteriorating and torn into pieces across the continents. Despite all the pain, my heart never neared hatred. Instead I kept on waiting for the light to pop from the darkened alleys. Like thirsty lost ones in the desert seeing illusions of water, I was waiting for the day the rays glowed again from the dark corner to bring everyone back… my optimism was good and bad. Good because it gave me hope and bad because waiting made me sink even deeper. My feelings were extreme, and at times I could not control the heaps; both extremes were heavy, and a solution was due. Unfortunately I saw the message in a bottle, but fortunately, I had a good friend. …”

#MOI It is your life, you are stronger than you think, stand up for yourself!

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