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“2 rivers… this was us, with the intention to join, increase the flow, and grow!
We carried the same background, met at a home away from home scene, which made us think that fate played its role to join us.
Over time, and under different weather conditions, the water in the river manifested various ways to express its feelings and ours, rage, turbulence, sedation, shifting, disappointment, retraction, anger, acceptance, and more, but rare was the days we coincided and met to agree and join pattern and paths to move on stronger and deeper.
If the water is so strong, why couldn’t channel itself to reach its purpose…
Is the water, representing our actions in life, controllable, and does it have a choice to decide on its course…
Is the water expressing our feelings?
Will I ever be able to speak up and word my thoughts?
Was it a choice to go with the flow or were we able to channel our destiny?”
#MOI, it was and will always be an encounter, but my water shifted to build stronger streams!

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