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“Before we know it, back to the routine life kicked in, and especially for working women, it is not easy to generate enough energy in the early hours of cold days… use the eight steps below to boost your days:

  1. Prepare your clothes the night before & don’t change to slip-ons in the morning
  2. Create a ready to heat coffee mechanism
  3. Keep a colorful scarf that will almost match any outfit ready and handy
  4. Wake up 15 minutes earlier to secure enough time for simple make up foundation
  5. Put mascara and natural color lipstick, it will brighten up your face
  6. Brush your hair in a way, depending on your hair quality, that will remain tidy in different weather conditions
  7. Dress up, and greet yourself at the mirror with a smile
  8. Embark on your day with self-trust promising yourself a day better than yesterday

Woman to woman, we are the energy of our souls, and those around us, dress up, cheer up, and conquer the days with positiveness, energy, and charm!”
#MOI Wishing you all great days to come

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