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“New year, the moment we are all waiting for, is just one moment of a whole new year!
I love it, it gives me hope, I dream, I feel risen to new horizons, I get butterflies in my stomach, I just love the moment up to a point where I used to dream of making it special… use your imagination, I will not describe it differently!
All I will tell you, as well, for a long while it was only in my dreams till I decided…
It is not a set back but a set off;
It is not darkness when you close your eyes and see light;
It is never the end till you say so;
It is never loneliness when you have lovely friends;
It is never disappointments if you consider it time to change;
It is not tears is you consider it washing off emotions;
It is not… if you remember that you are beautiful, you can make yourself happy,
you deserve to enjoy your life, you, you, and only you should take that decision knowing deep inside your heart, that you are not alone, your story is not one of a kind, I know it hurts, speak up, I listen!
#MOI Getting ready for #NewYear

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