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“HE is not just a dog…  it is Amber, Omar’s dog, the new kid on the bloc, that was bullied!
Is your child bullied? is he the bully? or is he the bystander?
Well, no matter where he or she stands, all three are in pain and need help.
Bullies, have a major problems, they are insensitive, and get their anger upon other people…
Victims, are intimidated, living in fear, and feel overpowered by those who are bigger in size, or outspoken…
As for bystanders, they need to learn to take action in this world, and make a difference in their community…
Bullying, the disease taking over schools, to reach every home, and even jobs must be dealt with, with a know how, and practice to stand for self and others!
I invite you, parents, and friends, to read MOMMY, I AM A PACER! and join Abigail the main character, the PACER in my book, with her endeavor to change the world!
One cannot make a change alone, but together we can make our world a better place!”

Author of
Where is My Angel? Book by #MOI and Read about my longing to live again

Mommy I am a PACER! Book by #MOI because I believe that children are the future, the change…

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Novum Publishing: Where is My Angel?

Dorrance Publishers: Mommy I Am a PACER!

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