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“What if parents played their role differently? a question that came to mind when watching the movie WONDER. It reminded me of the days I spent at school when I was the coordinator of the Peace Education Program and the director of Middle School.

Being the coordinator of Peace Education allowed me to work closely with the children. Not only I coordinated the program, but I had the honor of introducing it to my fellow colleagues and teaching it in the classroom.
Can I say I only taught, no, we lived by example, breaking the law of justice to build empathy, breaking followers to empower leadership, breaking the right thing to ensure they do things right, and on…
As an example, the policy stated to send students involved in physical confrontation home, and suspend them for a few days, I believed in keeping them on campus the first time such incidents occurred, and let them go through the self-assessment process, away from their classmates, analyzing the situation, discussing the different solutions and reactions they could have proceeded to, and finding a mechanism to fix the situation among each other.
I used to involve other students in the process so the main student involved in the conflict does not feel isolated, and make of the situations lessons used to change the way we think, and mainly react.
Lengthy process, yes, time-consuming, of course, worth every penny spent on the education sector, yes, yes, and again, yes!

Did I witness change? I guarantee to you that between the Peace Education Program and my role as a Middle School director, I witnessed change among the different generations, and specifically with those who were facing difficulties.

& if you think Middle School was a crime scene, try elementary, or even pre-school… why was the question, why do you feel better when you hurt another child, why do you isolate other children and ban them from playing with you and your friends, why do you make fun of others and intimidate high achievers, why do you feel you are better than a child with physical challenges and learning difficulties, why do you judge, and be the prosecutor…

Why? it is the main question, and if you believe what I believe that all children are born angels, so this means that life circumstances changed them, and made them go through wanting to prove to the world that they are invincible and strong enough to hurt others, while deep down bullies are revealing one message, in my opinion, I NEED HELP!

Throughout my twenty-some years of experience working with children of different age group, from daycare to high school graduates, I tell you one thing, I saw pain buried in children, growing when not treated, but as well, I saw change transforming bullies and persecutors in leaders and Ambassadors of Change.

Did I do it alone? no. Children played a major role, fellow educators did, and of course parents. So going back to my first question what if parents played their role differently? Yes, I do believe that paying attention to every little detail and change in our child’s behavior, is the starting key towards understanding what they go through… teaching children to accept others as they are, not to judge, not to compare, and see other children eye to eye, among a list of many other things, is the only thing that will raise acceptance of self and others…
I end with one sentence, a standing ovation to all those who understand and accept that their children might be going through a phase and getting their emotions out at other children, and another standing ovation to those taking the lead in being Change Ambassadors in their community!”

#MOI the Author of MOMMY, I AM A PACER! the book I wrote for parents and children after my experience, the book that will help the children cross to a safe-land and express their emotions artistically.

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