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“When I lose control, or I lose creativity…
Occasionally, yes it happens.
I was born ready, active, in action, in charge, & behind. What does behind means? Well, you will figure it out throughout!
Childhood, is a very important phase, where children need time to grow, develop, and play… they need to take time to shower, dress, eat, play, stare at the void, speak to their imaginary friend, and…
Adolescence… I don’t remember, I can state the characteristics if you want, but to be honest, it’s a forgotten phase!
Young adults… I believe I blocked that phase!
Married, being a mom was the favorite time of my life. I think I wanted to live the time I never had, as I lost my mother when she was having me at birth time, therefore, I ached to being a mom and making the best memorable moments for both myself and my daughters!
Throughout, I wanted to succeed, I wanted to make them happy, and be happy!
I barely remember a full night sleep, I barely remember sitting and enjoying my time without planning the day after, or making plans, I barely remember dreaming because I was always on short term list DOING!
But what happened to me? I feel I lost control, I feel I lost my creativity, I feel I live in the phase after ground zero when all you hear is the echoes of a life that is pending…

I guess I need a break, I need serenity, I need internal reassurance that the future is a new phase, requiring my new me to dare and snap out, requiring a step towards the a new day.
Am I ready? Well, yes, full heartedly!
Am I starting today? Well, I believe the day is coming soon, but today I will be having a TV & Pizza day!”

#MOI Trusting self has never been a problem to me, but trusting others…

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