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“The continuity…
Eventually, things will change, & hope you would like the new YOU.
Let me tell you a short story, I was discussing that point with a friend of mine the other day…
She was feeling anxious and sinking in her own life, that by the way did not change.

The people in our life are still the same, the people in our home are still the same, and the days rolling are still the same, but… the circumstances, the fear from the unknown, and the foggy tomorrow are not the same; additionally, we are not the same!
We are living the uncertain, and that changes people, it makes us sink and bounce, it makes us cry and laugh, and it makes us fear happiness!
We worry about our loved ones, we worry about their future, and we worry about our sanity!
Are we still the same… no, we are changing, we are no longer the person we were at the beginning of the outbreak.
& that is the continuity… the survival skills, the care for others’ pressure, and the care for self-concern, that is the change we have become!
Despite my will, this pandemic made of me a new Person”
#MOI the continuity…

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