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“It’s not the house, it’s the home!
Since I can remember, I wanted a family with thirteen children. I never understood why. I always saw a garden with everyone around, I always dreamt of a crowd, giggles, and noise. I never saw the house. It has always been the people.
Days passed, years flew, and I ended up with two daughters. At this stage, my dream started getting more visible, walls with the growing timeline of the girls, walls they painted in the garden and inside the house, I could smell the baking of every Sunday when I close my eyes and remember waking up early for them to have the freshly baked croissant before going to school; I recall school days, moving houses, leaving memories behind; I recall colors of the walls, the smell of their hair while brushing it after a shower; I still see the excitement on their faces when every house was an upgrade to the prior one, while in my heart I could not collect all the pieces left behind…
I remember every moment, cherish every phase left behind while wishing the next one would be the last, for better or for worse, as in the vow, but was as crooked as the days and path; I remember, because it hurts, I failed to make this dream happen…
But, lately, I have been doing lots of thinking, while granted enough time during the lockdown to review a few points and revive phases that were dormant.
I did not fail, my life was simply different, it started differently, it went on differently, my dream was different than other children’s dreams, I was different.
& only when you think that it is the house that matters with its walls and garden, you start realizing that it is home that will connect you under different roofs.”

#MOI lost between houses but I always had a home. I invite you to read WHERE IS MY ANGEL? and hope you find your own home!

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*Where is My Angel?
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