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“Loud, men and women…
Boundaries and limitations, we set them to self when we subdue to the walls surrounding us and not live to meet our own standards.

Who are you? I asked a group of ladies.
& here was my answer. I am… the wife, the mother, the daughter, I am somebody’s, but could not hear a personal introduction to self.

Is that religious commitment, is it a cultural connection, is it south meets north and east meets west, is it the ethnic constitution, or is it respect and assumption that this is the right thing fearing to be judged as loud, or fearing to fail in the world assumed for men.

First and foremost, please understand my comprehension of the hierarchy of a family and any institution.
I respect cultural commitments and religious affiliations. I respect ethnic backgrounds and their related traditions, I respect all customs, habits, or any other word you would like to add… I do! but, as well I respect the difference of genders as individualism, and mainly as equality that starts inside the house, at children level by their parents.
The only time respect is gained or granted, is when one person is raised to respect themselves and others around them.

Culture will never change, or at least some will take longer to meet halfway.
Women shall always be baby carriers.
Sperms shall always be the reproductive cells for fertilization.
There is a sun, moon, planets…
Some things are a given, but as well, I believe in the statement putting food on the table, it is expected to be the role of the man within the couple, but at times the woman succeeds to do that role and/or supports; & when it comes to working, or shining in the community where you are, women become loud only if they feel cornered and not able to reach out to others around them, they become loud to make their voice be heard, in order to rise with respect.

We cannot call a loud man a man with authority, and a woman wanting to be noticed loud! SHE IS A WOMAN OF COURAGE, STRENGTH, AND GREAT RESPECT.
Give her room to grow, give her space to flourish, first inside the house, then inside the community, and last in the workplace if applicable.”
#MOI I salute every man that sees women, and I salute every woman that sees herself!
& on this day, I wish Happy Mother’s Day to all those celebrating this special day.

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