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“Virtual love… today or any day!
A nice combination of words, a set of words that summarizes long distance but as well it summarizes the reality with an advanced tech world.

Before I dig a hole in the tech world, and by the way, a world I am stuck in and love, let me tell you, like everything in life it has the pros and cons.

Before, children used to play on the field, climb treed, ride their bikes, surf, run in the sun, play catch and hide and seek, wait for the neighbor to join…
Now, they play games online, they play the e-box, they play backgammon online, they play board games, they climb trees, build cities… with the fictional friend, or better, with john or X-man, or D-form… Etc…. online what we call friends or board friends, or Facebook friends, or virtual friends.

In summary, the virtual life, it came to replace or live in parallel with reality. Is virtual life real? Well, we may not be able to touch what is in it, in simple terms, but, it connected the world together, it connected people together, in helped advancing medicine, it helped to send a message to loved ones, it helped getting to know other countries and meeting people, many other things… while it helped in the way of the personal touch, and I am talking about the loving touch, the romantic touch!

Allow me to state a clear declaration; A woman, my age, and I mean the age not related to numbers, rather the age eager to live and love, I declare that romance cannot be fully virtual, it might start with an online message, but, the flower, I like to smell it, you may order it on Amazon, but at the end, I like to put it on my nightstand; the cake, you may have it delivered, but I like to eat, and preferably share it with you; and mainly the heart, I will not accept in Emojis, I prefer to rest my head on your shoulder and listen to your heartbeat!

Call me old fashion, but when it comes to love, Say No to Virtual Love, and stick to Old but Gold!”
#MOI When it comes to love, I yet to find the old fashion style!

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