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“Moment of Truth… yes, it is!

Moment of truth, it is the moment only you know about, and worse, you confine yourself with it.
You expect yourself to step out of a past, while you did not even open the last door, the door to a different life, you know it has no way back in, you know it is a one-way door!
This door opens only from the inside, it is the door to freedom, to your next life.
What makes you not open it?
About you loving yourself?
Well, eventually you will be a story people refer to while having other stories to gossip about.
*Not fitting in?
Yes. it is a feeling, odd, not sharing the same interests, happiness grounds are no longer alike.
*Social life?
It is a mistake when you drawback, I know it is not easy, but get yourself out, you are a butterfly that just cracked the cocoon, fly!
*Wrong move?
Fearing ending up not with the right person is a dilemma, but who is the right person, does he come with a scale, handbook of actions, and love strategies. 
Physically not comfortable with yourself?
What do you expect? after living in a routine for a long while, change does not jump on your lap as a comfort zone. Make an effort to start anywhere, and your instinct will guide you.
*Lack of true friends?
Unfortunately, but look at the bright side, you have a chance to pick a new bouquet, and at this phase, only those who deserve being here shall fall in your future like puzzle blocks.

Yes, admit it, face it, and remember, fear is a feeling you create when you surrender; when you stop trusting yourself; and when you stop believing you can make your own life again! Fear will only hold you back if you do not use it as a fuel to run your own ship!

Confront yourself, it is the moment of truth, move on, your life, live it!”
#MOI so you know, I was talking to myself, unless you find your story within the lines!

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