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“Walking the aisle with Coronavirus… This is exactly what life feels like.
A new life, a new day… when one gets married, the first day after, is the weirdest, no matter how much ready one is for the new life.
As I said in my book “WHERE IS MY ANGEL?” I slept near my partner, woke up with a ring on my finger, and a monster in my bed!
Not the monster we fear, rather the monster we need to get used to, the monster we get to understand, the monster we get to fall in love with, with time, once we get to learn their true nature.
How was my day, well, today was a meditation one.
I started the day, when I woke up, telling myself, oh no, not again! I tried to go back to sleep, then I decided, no I will not be the monster in that relationship!
I got myself out of bed, and remembered my mentor’s words, launch your day with action, then take the time to think!
Exactly so, I hopped on the treadmill, had my morning stretching, showered, got dressed, then, oh no, not again, not the same walls, so I went to the living room and changed the setup of the furniture. I went down to the car, ensuring it is still running, in my mind, I left the house, then came back to a brand new living room where I sat having my morning coffee… then again, the chute came back!
How can one expect the monster in the relationship to enjoy their company if one cannot enjoy their own!
So, I went to the mirror, looked at this creature standing there, and said, tell me about you!
In reality, I started writing words to myself and relating each to a story:

  1. Family: They are the people we are stuck with at birth.
  2. Education: It is the package of knowledge we gather through experience.
  3. Experience: It is the skills we learn in life from different events.
  4. Siblings: They come within the package of family.
  5. Reality: The choices we live in.
  6. Memories: The moments we live, some we choose to keep, others we choose to ignore.
  7. Happiness: Joyful state of mind…
  8. Friends: They are similar to plants and flowers, they are conditional, each has its own term: soil, light, water, etc… can’t live without!
  9. Forgiveness: It is the action we decide to take towards people and painful situations.
  10. Brain freeze: it is the action of pretending to forget people’s actions.

Those 10 points summarized Life as described in my book: Fate came with her birth, but destiny was in her own hands.
& then, looking at those words, I gathered from the 10 words above, that number seven is the one we can control. Happiness, yes, we can choose to be happy, despite all the other words!”
#MOI Dear friends, the lockdown will soon be over, the world shall heal again, don’t be stuck with your own monster, instead, bring your own monster to light, to life…
Your life, live it happily, the aisle is only the first step towards a good one!

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