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“While sleeping…
I woke up this morning, I head to the bathroom to wash my face, I stood in front of the mirror, and here was the shock, there was something under my chin!
Oh my, oh my, what is this, I tried to rub it off, pull it back, pull it off… it was still there!
I stepped out, went to check on my daughter in her bed, she was no longer the tiny young daughter, I saw a fully developed young lady, on her way to independence, while the other one has no longer been in her room since a while, she has been fully independent, living alone, working for quite some time!
Well, I don’t know what happened, but yesterday I spent my day observing colleagues at work, hearing their stories, listening to their words carefully, but thinking about the unsaid, I saw more wrinkles, I saw white hair, I saw laughter, and concerns, I heard life!
The evening passed, I was thinking passively about life, but emotionally.
Did it ever happen to you? I guess when changes happen physically, empathy takes over with me, and I guess I live the changes with them from my own home, I guess that explains why I woke up this morning screaming and crying the dream of house change!
Well, I went back to my mirror, I guess while sleeping, time happened, and the good thing about it, we grow wrinkles, white hair, double chins, physical and emotional changes, but at least we are blessed with what we call life, to witness all changes!
God bless us all with a healthy and happy long life, let us all enjoy this gift!”
#MOI while sleeping, life happened!

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