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“It is the “if” morning…
I was up all night waiting for the girls to come back home from the birthday celebration, watching TV soundlessly, & enjoying literally a silent night!
But, wow what human’s mind can do, the silence was interrupted by loud events, the past, the people, the choices, & life itself…
I couldn’t reach an ending, and probably as well this was partly emotional and partly due to the fever/flu I have; around 5 in the morning I attempted to sleep, I did, woke up, prepared my coffee, and sat there, looking at today’s reality, and told myself, what I have today is the result of storms of the past, they hit strong to make us stand solidly, they hit us in the face to teach us about how to face what hit us in the back, and they make us hold on to what and who matter because like sand only few stick together, others go their own way!
Anyways, I guess we are all born to overcome our own storms, what matter are the choices and reactions we each make and take under circumstances!”

MOI The storm of last night, & MY LIFE!

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