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“Witness… to my own life!

You might have been there for me, but you did not feel my pain!

You might have handed me tissues to wipe my tears, but you did not go through the reasons that made me cry!

You might have stood near me during downfall, but you did not feel the drop while falling!

You might have heard the reasons that made me feel alone, but you were not in my lonely moments!

You might have told me how to face the world, but you did not feel my fear when I was facing the world pretending to be strong!

Guess what, don’t tell me you know how I feel, don’t tell me you were there for me, because when I was in total darkness, sinking, feeling safe in a dead zone, I had only myself to find my living soul and the reason to want to live again!”

#MOI The sole witness to my life and the wanna live again!


Read it and find the reason to live again