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“Help… she said silently!
You see her every day, you watch her feed her family, you admire her energy, her strength and her ability to take her of everyone else; 
You never spoke to her, as she never initiated any subject…
You never approached her, as she always heads out when she feels others coming near…
You never tried, because you never thought about it.

Well, let me share with you a secret, she is dead.
This lady died long ago, she became a robot, her empty life was energized by her duty towards others, her empty heart was filled by giving continuously, as for her soul, she forgot she had one!

Dear friends,
International Women’s Day is approaching, let each one of us make the effort to ensure every person around us has a voice, and their voice is heard, let us make them feel alive, let us remind them that they are loved, let us ensure they remember that they exist! 

#MOI as my book said “I am every woman, every story behind closed doors…

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