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“About #Bella…
Bella was the first child born to her parents, Bella added a smile to her dad’s face and in return, he promised her security and happiness.
Bella grew older and, year after year, she was glowing and working on herself to meet her and her dad’s expectations.
Bella was successful, but at times, she faced difficulties, like any other young girl. Her dad, as promised, stood by her. except for one day,  she met a guy, and sadly, this guy abused her physically and verbally.
Bella shied away from dad and friends, fearing to be judged, and accused. what she did not know, is that such cases are not to be solved alone, and additionally, she is not at fault of such behavior.
I will end the story here, although much remaining to be discussed.
The lesson, Bella could be any one of us, and how many Bellas are out there struggling alone!
Dear Bella, speak up, and reach out, your dad will not judge you, and hopefully, he will fulfill his promise; as for friends, they will understand that only sick people allow themselves to abuse others.
You are not alone…”
#MOI the woman that will understand… Bella, #speak_up