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“As far as I can remember, I worked long hours, my passion for production, change, and the development of any job made me a “holic”; It hasn’t been easy, and with time it became a need, security, and more importantly, a fear for a secured tomorrow.
I raised two daughters, telling them, before you consider marriage, you have to focus on education, higher degrees, secure a personal income, establish a good position, live alone for one year abroad while being in charge of your end of monthly dues, to understand what it takes, then enjoy your marriage. In parallel, I always said, don’t forget your heart and needs along the way, you can always nurture a broken heart, but you cannot live without a heart, so go ahead, take it up, drop it down, break it, mend it, fix it, but mainly, use it, because the heart is the sign of life.

Today, when I look at my daughters struggling and doing the same, my heart aches,
I worry about them because I know how it feels, but when I close my eyes and imagine them 10 years from this day, I know they will be in great and better shape because of a mistake I made when I was their age, and that was not continuing my higher education.

To those mothers that succeeded in this world because of their hard work and strong will, I cheer for you… To every working and non-working mother, I cheer for you, and to every child, Cheer for your mother, happy or not, because she did things her way, knowing this was the best for you!”
#MOI Heart of a mother and a letter to their child!

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