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“#MOI the #Author… let me share with you how it all started!
Throughout my childhood, I wrote, it was about… as I said in Chapter 5 of WHERE IS MY ANGEL?
What’s meant to be, shall be! True or not, to me it was.
For years, at night, I used to go to the private beach my family and I were members in.
I used to sit there on the rocks overlooking the ocean, write poetry, letters to…, and throw my thoughts in the ocean. The ocean was my way out, my soul mate , where I released all my feelings…
& since then, I found refuge between the lines, poetry in Arabic,  and my diary, the diary that no longer exists, and the words became my thoughts.
To many, I was the outspoken teenager, blogs were not a trend back then, to me, it was simple words on papers. My Arabic teacher told me back then, you have the pen inside your soul, and I knew that one day, that pen will simply write a novel!
Few years back, after the chute of my personal life, on all levels, I found myself writing my 1st novel, and on my 50th birthday I wrote…

Chapter 20 …. And a new era begins!

Today, I am about to commemorate my first fifty, and all I can say, what a life!
I am sitting in a coffee shop, and thinking about my life. There are people sitting here and there, and at a table behind me a group of middle-aged women are talking, and I couldn’t help but hear their conversation. The same conversation I hear on a daily basis; couples splitting, women divorcing, their husbands not coping with the marriage, sleeping in two separate rooms, sharing financial house duties, and living as partners. That is the story of every house, sadly, but a true statement; is marriage becoming a disappointment!

No, it not, but an institution worth investing in, like any business. I failed to keep mine, but this does not mean you cannot!
If you get a chance to read my book, don’t read my story, but find yours between the lines, and make a better ending… Life is a book, and some books will change many lives!”
#MOI The author, I believe that Fate came with my birth but Destiny was in my own hands!

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