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“The day after… fear and anxiety!
Although we are eager for this day to come, and we wait for it impatiently, there is this phase called fear that makes many not cross it and hold back. It is as if we are holding the knob of the door but not turning it, or turning the knob of the door and not opening it, it might look simple, but by doing so, it means I am taking charge of the day after.

Let me clarify more… when one decides on change, there is always this doubtful phase, the dilemma of did I make the right decision, the struggle between falling back or falling forward, the battle between self and community over what we hear…
This fear is not related to the past, it is rather about the day after; the anxiety we live is not related to the comfort of yesterday, because if yesterday was the comfort zone, why am I living the fear and anxiety of the day after; this fear is related to tomorrow, to the unknown, uncertain, and unseen.

It is only normal to feel so, but let me tell you, for you to have the courage to think about change, and actually take the first step towards the day after, this means you will make tomorrow happen; with few glitches here and there, no path is ever perfect, walk towards the day after, you will never know how strong you are, you will never know what you want until you put your hand on that knob, turn it, and open the door, but make sure you close it tightly behind you.
#MOI Few glitches, few clouds, fear, and uncertainty, but faith, inner-strength and good-will!

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