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“Memoirs of a struggle to lose weight: at one point, my focus was food, today…
Yes it was my focus, food nurtures the soul, and builds curves around the hips. This focus was emotional as much as it was binge eating! Was it a disorder? I don’t know, all I know, at times I felt that food was a healer, and a security zone. If you read my book “Where is My Angel?”, in Chapter 18 I say
I enjoy food, I am a social drinker, I love to smoke cigars, and Mediterranean hookah, and to me, those who enjoy food, music, and the dance floor, they appreciate life. I do appreciate life, I take the best out of every situation, and I believe that things happen for a reason…
My opinion did not change, except today, I enjoy eating what is necessary, I enjoy seeing the food on other’s plates and not mine, I became a visual degustateur, in English a taster, and not a physical taster.
Today, food still gives me joy, and I am proud of myself for enjoying every bite, and taking all the time needed during my meals.
My meals became a priority, because I deserve the time to eat right!”
#MOI It is a struggle, but I am enjoy it!

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