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“Memoirs of a struggle to lose weight! Day 3
From Chapter 2 Where is My Angel?
… I am bixxy – big and sexy – and I will always find a way…

& I remind you, beauty comes from within, not from the pounds you carry!
Yesterday was tough, I was on a field trip to one of the touristic areas in my country that brought emotions to surface through memories and favorite food.
Diet meals were replaced with cheat meals! Moderate meals, but not diet!
I walked for like 9500 steps and drank a lot of water…
Did I maintain my diet? absolutely not, but I said to myself, Lady, you have a long way to go, 1 day will not end the diet, get yourself ready for a heavy day 4!
Moral of tempting days: Be moderate, Go with the flow, move on, but mainly enjoy the moment! Can you imagine if we were discussing a love moment! <3

Join me at any point during this diet struggle.
I know it is tough, but only when in doubt, it is!”
#MOI Challenging myself and will succeed

Day 2 :
Dinner: 1 ball of zero fat yogurt + green salad (Lemon Mustard Dressing)

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