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“#Santa’s little helpers….. thank you ladies and gentleman for all your efforts! And a big thank you to all the donations that made this day possible …
Because of you Aline Honain, Cynthia Tahan, Nissrine Patrick Goldstein, Nadine Sawma Bou Jaoude, Sara El Hachem Hajjar, Laurent Mazraani the 40 girls from Bon Pasteur had a joyful day.
The day started in Fahed super store where each child chose her presents ( personal things and toys)
After we went to Frenzie Ville Tabarja where they played, had lunch, were surprised by Santa’s visit( laurent thank you ), (their pics were developed and sent to them directly… thank you Aline)… then with Santa, their broke a piñata filled with candies and little toys)… and last they all attended Ghinwa play offered by Mr Jean and enjoyed it while munching on popcorn. ..
I want to say, yes, to this group we made a difference, and that is the lesson we learned…
One can make a difference in the life of another but together we can do much more.!
Ladies and Laurent today you made it, and proved the importance of fun and play!
Thank you!”

Remember that it takes more that one #hand to put that smile on 40 beautiful and #innocent #less_fortunate!
Ladies…. God bless your effort!”
#MOI stay tuned for more…

Article 31 (Leisure, play and culture): Children have the right to relax and play, and to join in a wide range of cultural, artistic and other recreational activities.

Pictures on the links below..
Santa’s Little Helpers in action (part 1)
Santa’s Little Helpers (Part 2)