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“My life behind bars… yes I can see them, & I can feel them too!
I look around and all I see is an open space, but the way I feel… I feel I am behind bars!
I cannot seem to advance, move from my place, nor reach out for help.
It is no longer a sedated phase, it is rather a locked down…
But one day, I woke up to realize that the bars were the creation of my own mind, they were there to protect me, and with time they became my safety zone…
Time passed, and like a melted candle, the years were taken away from me, but the flame was burning, keeping aches behind… I looked at the aches, they were scattered on the floor, and flying with every breeze…Oh God! is that how my life is vanishing?
Help me… I said.
I am… He Said & He is… I heard.
I looked around, no one was there, who is talking? I asked
You, the answer was, your soul, the one longing for life, love, and laughter, your old soul the one missing you…
I open the door and stepped out, the door I had created, to the bars I had built!
Life is your Right, Love is what you deserve, & Laughter suits you…
So move on and live again!”

Where is My Angel? #Book by #MOI
Read the story  about the days where I was stuck behind bars… & how I set myself free!