Life taught me…


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“Life taught me…
One good family member will make me not miss the others!
One good friend will be the only one I need!
But, you all reminded me of how blessed I was with your overwhelming messages, and presence in my life!
Well, what can I say, YOU SHARED MY CAKE & A PIECE OF MY ❤️!”

MOI Praying for a peaceful and blessed season and ending to this crooked time in my country !


Happy birthday to me!


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“Here comes another year…
I will be crossing to it with a new pair of shoes!
Yes don’t laugh, it is time to smash the old and get a new fresh start, smashing the hatred, the ugly, the negative, and the fake, and crossing with positive vibes, beautiful people, and honest love!
I thank God for reaching that far, I thank him for all the Faith he gave me, I thank him for those who never change, for my unconditional love, and for my beautiful daughters!
Good bye those who made the days weary and hello to a new me!”

MOI Ready, with my new pair of shoes, to celebrate my birthday and another year!


being away…


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“Dear readers,

I know I have been away for a while, but as some of you may have heard, I live in Lebanon 🇱🇧, a beautiful country, undergoing serious revolution since 28 days against corruption in the governmental system. At this stage, we succeeded to drop the current government, but awaiting the forming of a new non-political one formed by specialists in their field.

Lebanon is a country that has petroleum and gas, discovered early 1920’s and waiting for the first digging to take place early December 2019, after many postponed attempts and deals with the neighboring countries, the natural resource, once started, it is said, it will generate our country a 24 hours electricity, while enough to sell to our neighbors, as well as petroleum. Why it never happened, corruption!

Additionally, around 850 billion dollars stole by out politicians over the past 30 years and placed in banks abroad. In addition to much more!

Google Beirut Lebanon and read about the peaceful revolution by the people. Join our prayers and attempts!

I promise to come back soon!


My Presentation on “Culture & Universities for the 3rd Age”


I am that woman


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“When you decide to give tomorrow another chance, you ran out of chances and tomorrow never comes…”

#MOI Tomorrow is the day you decide to give a new beginning to an end… don’t expect it to come right after today

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Show them, don’t tell them!


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“Show them you care,

Show them you love,

Show them you are fair,

Show them forgiveness,

Show them reconciliation,

Show them understanding,

Show them values….

Children learn by example, don’t preach, act!”

#MOI Because children are the future ambassadors of peace, the future leaders of our world!

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