The lonely child…


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“The lonely child… the title that makes my heart ache, sadly he is out there sitting among a crowd of children, ignored, watching in silence, pretending to be invisible, hiding behind his wish for friends to notice him…

Is he in your house?

Is he your son or daughter?

Is he afraid?

Well, I have seen him/her, on the playground, and I sensed his fear, and I heard his silent wish to belong…”

#MOI Do you think you can help?

Author of

Mommy, I am a PACER!

Book by #MOI because I believe that children are the future, the change… follow the steps of Abigail the main character, help your child and others, and tell me what you think!

Where is My Angel? Book by #MOI and Read about my longing to live again

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Witness… to my own life


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“Witness… to my own life!

You might have been there for me, but you did not feel my pain!

You might have handed me tissues to wipe my tears, but you did not go through the reasons that made me cry!

You might have stood near me during downfall, but you did not feel the drop while falling!

You might have heard the reasons that made me feel alone, but you were not in my lonely moments!

You might have told me how to face the world, but you did not feel my fear when I was facing the world pretending to be strong!

Guess what, don’t tell me you know how I feel, don’t tell me you were there for me, because when I was in total darkness, sinking, feeling safe in a dead zone, I had only myself to find my living soul and the reason to want to live again!”

#MOI The sole witness to my life and the wanna live again!


Read it and find the reason to live again


The word that flips my world


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“The way I see it:

We are the masters of any situation. (Full stop)

Outcomes are relevant to our approach,

we cannot change the facts, we cannot change people, but we can surely mold and shape others’ reactions through our actions…

The secret: communication – ego – priority – humbleness & …

I believe we will feel much better when we reach our goal through peaceful communication”



Ego & I


“My thoughts for my daughter’s birthday..


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“My thoughts for my daughter’s birthday…

I woke up at 5:00 am June 28, 1992 to the Landers earthquake that shook California at magnitude of 7.3 and intensity of IX (Violent)…. it was a horrible memory BUT IT WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SHAKE OF MY LIFE as right then I went into labor to receive the most beautiful butterfly ever that flew in my life and still does till this day…

Today is the day… happy birthday first born❤️”

#MOI Words and Feelings about the days I lost every interest in life, read it in my book


The boy staring outside the window…


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“The boy staring outside the window,

The mother looks at him,

The boy staring outside the window and smiling,

The mother looks at him and wonder,

The boy staring outside the window and smiling, he closes his eyes and….

The mother looks at him and wonder, then approached him,

The boy staring outside the window and smiling, he closes his eyes and tears dropped down his cheeks,

The mother looks at him and wonder, then approached him, wiped his tears and started crying herself!

What is wrong my son,

I am dreaming, the child answers,

It is daytime my son, she says,

I dream of nice friends when I am awake, because in real world, my friends hurt me!”

#MOI Did you ever wonder about childhood, how painful children could be to each other?

When children prefer dreaming of beautiful friends during the day than playing with those friends!



Your child is not alone, offer your child the chance to change his life and others by ABIGAIL’s footsteps


Let me ask you…


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“Let me ask you men and women…

What are the questions a woman or man fear to ask their partner?”

#MOI Although I reveal to be a strong woman, but I failed to say a lot


The answer is in the book but hope to hear from you 😍


God has a plan for each


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“Always be thankful for God’s little gifts because at the end you are going to discover that they are part of HIS big plan for you!”


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I am every woman…


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“Once upon a time, a child was born. Between the different events, that child learned that the end in sight is more important than the beginning.

My story is not unique, maybe the sequence happening to one person is.

I am every woman, every story behind closed doors, every marriage, and every company…

Yes, and that is the story!”

#MOI Author of Where is My Angel?

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